Stress can paralyze us. I was feeling a bit stressed over the past couple of days �.

I had my first live face-to-face series of meetings yesterday ever since the start of COVID and maybe it was just adjusting to that new norm that was stressing me out a bit.

But today I'm feeling perfectly fine, so I've succeeded in being resilient so that I can bounce back up from my stress �.

The classic definition of resilience is bouncing back from adversity, the truth is, that most of us are naturally resilient.

If you are standing today on your own two feet � after having coped with what the world has gone through because of COVID-19 �, you are a resilient individual.

For some, it comes more naturally than others.

We can all develop resilience. What did I do to bounce back from my stress or overwhelm of yesterday?

Three simple things:

1️⃣ I controlled the narrative in my mind. We must be mentally agile and be able to control our thoughts.

2️⃣ I listened to my emotions. Emotions are a data point for us and we can use that information to decide what to do next.

3️⃣ I engaged in resilient behaviors. I went outside, enjoyed the weather, got some movement in, made sure my diet was up to par, etc.

By taking care of these three things, we can bounce back up from stresses and adversities in our lives quicker than we normally would.

What do you do to be more resilient in your lives?

In your day-to-day? Let me know, �comment below �.

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