Science-based and peer-reviewed approach


With more than 84% of the world’s workforce at least partially disengaged and the increase in stress and burnout among many professions, organizations are increasingly becoming interested in ways to increase employee engagement and wellness. While such organizations have many options to choose from, few offer a holistic science-based approach; in fact, many organizations believe that programs targeting one area, e.g., wellness will result in increases in another, such as engagement. While there could be some overlap in outcomes, taking a more targeted and nuanced approach to such programs can be more helpful. Using a science-based approach allows 1ExtraordinaryLife to specifically define, measure, and resultantly improve aspects of interest to an organization’s employee base. By making sure that organizations clearly understand the underpinnings of concepts such as engagement, well-being, wellness, stress, resilience, etc. they can

take appropriate steps to prioritize and improve areas that are most important for employees and business. Understanding the similarities and differences between these concepts from a behavioral, psychological and outcome perspective is key to successfully launching development and preventive programs in organizations. 1ExtraordinaryLife focuses on three areas that research shows are key to success. We believe these areas are core ingredients to becoming extraordinary in life. These three areas are:

Fulfillment: Commonly referred to as well-being, the science and practice of positive psychology provides a rich basis for increasing satisfaction with life in the way that we think and feel about it. We believe everyone aspires to live a fulfilled life and we help define, measure and improve that for you. Being highly fulfilled however does not necessarily translate to high engagement, e.g., one could be fulfilled with certain aspects of life but bored with one’s job because it has not changed in a long time, this would likely result in low engagement, lack of innovation, creativity, and productivity.


Engagement: A common concern across many organizations, organizational and performance psychology provide ample research on engagement. We believe that engagement is not a concept that applies to work alone; rather the benefits of engagement pervade through all domains of life including personal and the self. Being highly engaged however can lead to stress, and does not always lead to high fulfillment, e.g., someone who is highly dedicated and engaged at work might have

a relationship or other behavioral issues, or difficulty in finding personal meaning in life which could lead to low fulfillment or well-being. Asking employees to leave these aspects of themselves outside of work is impossible, necessitating

a different tact to help employees improve.


Resilience: Our ability to adapt and bounce back has arguably never been more important. With the pace of rapid change continuing to increase, the ability to stay connected to work, and ever increasing demands on us to deliver and continually

improve performance, stress is here to stay. Unless we learn the tools to help us to manage stress better, it would be difficult for us to counter its harmful effects. Being highly successful, engaged or high on well-being does not mean we have the tools to cultivate high resilience and avoid burnout, e.g., many highly respected professions such as lawyers, physicians, nurses, executives, and entrepreneurs are commonly known to suffer from high burnout and stress. Resilience skills are thus a separate set of abilities that need cultivation.


The peer-reviewed science-based approach of 1ExtraordinaryLife draws from the psychological and social sciences to focus on and emphasize areas of overlap between all the above three areas. By focusing on all three, our services and solutions provide a holistic approach to one’s development, resulting in pathways to extraordinary performance.

THE 1EXTRAORDINARYlife advantage

Coaching and training is delivered through a unique blend of the following that provides an advantage over traditional approaches:

  • Corporate Executives with several years of experience working at senior levels for some of the worlds largest companies allows for a broad experience to draw from when coaching executives and employees.
  • Ivy League Academic Credentials and Affiliation in multiple disciplines provides credible research and a large network of knowledge and support.
  • Master of Applied Positive Psychology, from less than 500 globally, provides the grounding and niche specialty to help people learn to thrive.
  • Certified Applied Positive Psychology Coaching, blending Positive Psychology with coaching to provide interventions and training to help individuals and organizations exceed their goals.
  • Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, providing a unique perspective allowing individuals to consider their whole selves and not just issues they are dealing with. Coaching people who they need to be in order to do the things they need to do.
  • Performance Coaching, applying the science of performance psychology to one's daily activities to be able to cope with the demands of life.