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Foundations To A Resilient Personal & Professional Life

This is a science-based training course backed by science.

The course is designed to rid your life of imbalance, protect you against burnout, and boost your overall happiness.

This course has a combination of over 52 simple to understand video sessions, and activities to lay the foundation to change your life using the scientific credibility of applied positive psychology. 

Foundations To A Resilient Life
Foundations To A Resilient Life

Vitality Diagnostic

This one tool will show you the CORE aspects of maintaining high vitality in your life.


Gain more energy, better focus, favorable emotional states, and behaviors that will nudge you towards greater vitality so you can enjoy life. 

eBook: 30 Quick Practical Ways To Increase Your Well-being

Stop wondering what the application of well-being practices looks like in your life. These simple and easy to apply tips will inspire you to find your own ways to increase your well-being.

eBook: Work From Home Survival Guide: Don't Stay Home Without It!

Research based strategies to be resilient and thrive when working from home. This book is easy to read and keep handy for reference whenever you need.
These skills are valuable and will be useful to you in all circumstances, especially during challenging times.

eBook: 7 Common Misunderstandings About Happiness That No One Will Tell You

Happiness Can Be Elusive. These Little Known Facts Will Help You Tailor It For You!
Learn some of the researched-based subtleties to understand, at the deepest level, how sustained happiness is achieved.

Video: Work From Home Survival Guide: Don't Stay Home Without It!

This video guide is a simple and easy illustration of steps to take, mentally, emotionally, and behaviorally to help you cope better and be resilient specifically when working from home.