Whole business - Whole person focus

Understanding interdependencies for better results

Businesses increase the chances of achieving their business results by ensuring alignment across all the below domains with the business strategy. 1ExtraordinaryLife provides scientifically researched based methods to help achieve such alignment. All these domains involve interactions with or between people in their capacity as employees, managers, or team members. 

Focusing on research based and scientifically tested methods, organizations can customize approaches that are unique to each employee, thereby unleashing their potential and optimizing talent across the business, talent optimization provides a way to do this as described below:

Talent Optimization

Actions to align employees to the strategy and deliver results

Ensuring that the organization is reaping the most from its talent and keeping employees fulfilled is a process which like all other business processes needs continuous monitoring and diagnoses. Diagnosis leads to the ability to design jobs that align with the strategy, hiring the right people for the job, and keeping the employees inspired. All of this is facilitated by the use of scientifically validated assessments and activities including the Predictive Index behavioral and cognitive assessments.

What Drives You

Understand why you do or do not like your work

Learn what drives your behavior to see if you are aligned with the work that you do. Take the Predictive Index behavioral assessment.

Head - Heart - Briefcase

All three matter

People's behavior (head), values (heart), and skills (briefcase) all play a part in their individual success and in the overall success of the organization. Validated tools and evidence based research to harness and develop these propels an organization to achieve desired results. Misalignment, the absence of, or not growing oneself across all three areas could lead to mental health issues, disengagement, lack of well-being, and burnout.

Burnout - Mental Health - Disengagement

Taking action towards a better organization

Research shows the following:

  • Employee disengagement in some form exists in most organizations. For various reasons people don't feel energized by their work, managers, or teams.
  • Employees do not feel fulfilled by their work. Dreading going to work on a Monday and looking forward to Fridays, many employees do not find their work meaningful and would rather work doing something they are more passionate about.
  • Burnout is common because many people are unable to cope with the demands and stresses of work, many employees do not have the tools to be more resilient resulting in a lack of mental health.

Inspired employees benefit themselves by feeling better and functioning more effectively, leading to benefits for the organization. 1ExtraordinaryLife offers programs to help keep employees inspired by offering training to ensure employees remain satisfied and fulfilled by their work, that they are engaged, and that they are resilient in the face of stress to avoid burnout and mental illness.