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Ex·traor·di·nar·y: exceptional in character, amount, extent, degree, etc.; noteworthy; remarkable

Ever wondered where you lie on the spectrum between ordinary and extraordinary?  Is life just passing you by? Are you living the life of your dreams? Is stress ever present in your life?


1ExtraordinaryLife offers transformational consulting, training workshops, and coaching to help individuals and organizations unleash their true potential, taking them from ordinary to extraordinary. The 1ExtraordinaryLife approach uses scientific evidence-based methods uniquely blending Positive Psychology and Performance Psychology with leading edge business practices to help organizations thrive. Through talent optimization, 1ExtraordinaryLife helps ensure that organizations have a method to align people to their business strategies and also that people in organizations are able to improve their levels of fulfillment, engagement, and resilience to excel at work and in life, this in turn allows organizations to thrive. 1ExtraordinaryLife uses the following unique approaches:

  • Scientifically researched and peer reviewed science.
  • Data driven decisions informed by validated and reliable assessments, ensuring that what matters is being measured.
  • Technology enabled solutions - software to help employees, managers, and teams make the best decisions matching their interests and that of the organization.
  • Abreast of latest trends to bring relevance to our solutions - burnout, disengagement, mental health, talent strategy.


60% of the US workforce is unfulfilled*.


Fulfillment/Well-being is more than the absence of weakness.


Fulfilled employees are more productive and efficient.


Over 84% of the global workforce is disengaged*.


Engagement is not the same as well-being/fulfillment.


Engagement drives business performance.

52% of workers report daily stress at work*.


Lack of fulfillment and engagement produces more stress.


Harnessing stress helps prevent burnout.


*State of the American Workplace, Gallup, 2017; *State of the Global Workplace, Gallup, 2017; *The problem with Burnout, SHRM, 2017 



Research shows that fulfilled, engaged, and resilient individuals allows organizations to flourish. Being deliberate about aligning individuals to the company strategy, hiring the right people for the job, keeping them inspired, and constantly monitoring for changes to keep employees motivated, are ways to increase the likelihood of achieving business results, this is talent optimization