Ful·fill·ment: satisfaction or happiness as a result of fully developing one's ability or character; happiness; joy; satisfaction; well-being.


What does it take to have a fulfilling career and life? The psychological and social sciences, philosophy and theology all provide insights into this question. We now have evidence-based pathways to well-being and fulfillment. These pathways include more than overcoming one's areas of improvement, rather they include paths to nurture what is right with us, our strengths. The pathways to fulfillment overlap with the concept of engagement; the two are, however, distinct and cultivating both leads to thriving and engaged employees. At the heart of fulfillment is the science of positive psychology and best practices from the management sciences show us how to apply the evidence-based practices from positive psychology in organizations. Below are some of the avenues to gain fulfillment at work and beyond.


Faisal Khan Life Coach Diet


Meeting goals through increased motivation, inspired action and in alignment with a vision of a fulfilled life. Achievement is about not just setting but increasing the odds of meeting goals and persevering in a balanced way.

Faisal Khan Life Coach Attitude


Find harmony between purpose and passion in a focused manner towards things that are important in all domains of life, not just work. A meaningful life is a source of inspiration and a driver towards action.

Faisal Khan Life Coach Emotions


We are human 'beings'. Our state of being, our inner attitude dictates how we engage in any given moment. Controlling who we are allows us to engage with life on our terms including how to be 'in the zone' and capitalize on our strengths.

Faisal Khan Life Coach Mind


Embracing the full range of emotions and navigating them to increase pleasure and decrease pain help to increase well-being. Understanding our emotions enables social and emotional intelligence, we are after all, social and emotional creatures.

Faisal Khan Life Coach Goals


We are wired to connect with others. Our most memorable happy moments, are most times, when we are with others. Nurturing meaningful 

relationships help us develop life-enhancing positive connections that support us all around.