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28. May 2021
Stress can paralyze us. I was feeling a bit stressed over the past couple of days 😞. I had my first live face-to-face series of meetings yesterday ever since the start of COVID and maybe it was just adjusting to that new norm that was stressing me out a bit. But today I'm feeling perfectly fine, so I've succeeded in being resilient so that I can bounce back up from my stress 💪. The classic definition of resilience is bouncing back from adversity, the truth is, that most of us are resilient.
12. May 2021
I did it in 17 mins... Would you rather spend an extra 17 mins in front of a different screen or use it to re-energize yourself and de-stress?
13. January 2021
i. Divide your goals into sub-goals ii. Make the pursuit of your goals fun
10. November 2020
Covid has taught us - our jobs are UNCERTAIN. 8/10 people are disengaged, yet we let work burn us out and compromise our lives.
16. October 2020
Knowledge without application makes no difference.
15. October 2020
Multi-tasking for things that are important is a BAD IDEA. Avoid multi-tasking and get more time in your day.
30. September 2020
Saved commute time and working from home can allow us to be more productive by directing our extra time and energy to areas outside of just work. JOIN MY GROUP:
17. September 2020
What's the first thing you compromise when life gets busy and why?
14. August 2020
We spend a lot of time at work, yet most of us don't enjoy it the way we ought to. Our thoughts about work play a role in whether we choose to get consumed by it, or whether we are able to balance our lives with things outside of it. What thoughts cause you to deprioritize other things in your life over work, and does your work fulfill you as a result of it? Mastering the way we think about work and our lives outside of it is a key element to finding balance and happiness in life.
29. July 2020
Burnout results in people feeling a lack of fulfillment from work. They don't feel like they are accomplishing anything. Take stock of your personal accomplishments every day, big or small, and you will start finding meaning in your work, a recipe to avoid burnout.

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