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14. June 2021
Happy Monday! What intention have you set for the rest of the week? Control your day and your life through intentions for everything that you do.
04. June 2021
Adjusting back to normal after COVID will be a challenge. Many of us have developed πŸ†•new habits and ways of working that will now have to change, again. The good news is that we will have less uncertainty, ambiguity, and stress that was accompanied by the pandemic 😷. These factors caused us to function in a sub-optimal situation. Resuming normalcy will allow us to thrive and function optimally πŸ’ͺ. This will require great adjustment, though.
28. May 2021
Stress can paralyze us. I was feeling a bit stressed over the past couple of days 😞. I had my first live face-to-face series of meetings yesterday ever since the start of COVID and maybe it was just adjusting to that new norm that was stressing me out a bit. But today I'm feeling perfectly fine, so I've succeeded in being resilient so that I can bounce back up from my stress πŸ’ͺ. The classic definition of resilience is bouncing back from adversity, the truth is, that most of us are resilient.
12. May 2021
I was down a bit these past few weeks, here's what I did...
13. January 2021
i. Divide your goals into sub-goals ii. Make the pursuit of your goals fun
13. January 2021
Gain clarity on 1. The WHY behind your goal 2. Define WHAT your goals is 3. Identify what INSPIRES you towards the goal 4. Create multiple PATHWAYS towards the goal
31. December 2020
Congratulate yourself for persevering 2020 and here's to a better 2021!
24. December 2020
Happy Monday! or TGIF?
17. September 2020
What's the first thing you compromise when life gets busy and why?
19. August 2020
Emotions are fleeting, so why not prolong the good ones instead of ruminating about the bad ones? How do you prolong the feeling of good emotions?

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