Educate Yourself on Current Issues

A changing environment is inevitable, how we respond to it is our choice. Choosing to educate ourselves on current issues and lead through change with an open mind influences positive change. Educating ourselves on even one small thing is a step in that direction.

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    Robin Litster Johnson (Monday, 22 June 2020 00:21)

    Great message, Faisal! Thanks, Robin, MAPP.15:)

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    Brandon Farrow (Sunday, 11 October 2020 21:36)


    I saw your Capstone Project on The Great Plan of Happiness. I will be graduating from BYU-I next fall and am very interested in the MAPP program. I'd love to pick your brain, if possible. I haven't been able to locate you through LinkedIn or Facebook. Would it be possible to email you a few questions about your experience in the MAPP program? If so, how should I reach you?

    Brandon Farrow