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14. June 2021
Happy Monday! What intention have you set for the rest of the week? Control your day and your life through intentions for everything that you do.
04. June 2021
Adjusting back to normal after COVID will be a challenge. Many of us have developed 🆕new habits and ways of working that will now have to change, again. The good news is that we will have less uncertainty, ambiguity, and stress that was accompanied by the pandemic 😷. These factors caused us to function in a sub-optimal situation. Resuming normalcy will allow us to thrive and function optimally 💪. This will require great adjustment, though.
20. May 2021
A coach is someone who walks with you during your journey to achieve the goals you set for yourself. Coaches help point out your strengths, they help boost you up, and hold no judgement. A coach is an ally, a confidante, a trustworthy person. Coaching helps the 'whole' individual grow. Coaching is one of the few ways we learn to focus on what is right and not just what needs improvement...
12. May 2021
I was down a bit these past few weeks, here's what I did...
12. May 2021
1 VALUABLE tip to broaden your perspective and help bond :)
12. May 2021
How do you keep tabs on your mental health?
08. September 2020
How you answer this question is at the heart of our well-being. Discover what really is going well in your life.
19. August 2020
Emotions are fleeting, so why not prolong the good ones instead of ruminating about the bad ones? How do you prolong the feeling of good emotions?
14. August 2020
We spend a lot of time at work, yet most of us don't enjoy it the way we ought to. Our thoughts about work play a role in whether we choose to get consumed by it, or whether we are able to balance our lives with things outside of it. What thoughts cause you to deprioritize other things in your life over work, and does your work fulfill you as a result of it? Mastering the way we think about work and our lives outside of it is a key element to finding balance and happiness in life.
29. July 2020
Burnout results in people feeling a lack of fulfillment from work. They don't feel like they are accomplishing anything. Take stock of your personal accomplishments every day, big or small, and you will start finding meaning in your work, a recipe to avoid burnout.

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