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14. June 2021
Happy Monday! What intention have you set for the rest of the week? Control your day and your life through intentions for everything that you do.
04. June 2021
Adjusting back to normal after COVID will be a challenge. Many of us have developed 🆕new habits and ways of working that will now have to change, again. The good news is that we will have less uncertainty, ambiguity, and stress that was accompanied by the pandemic 😷. These factors caused us to function in a sub-optimal situation. Resuming normalcy will allow us to thrive and function optimally 💪. This will require great adjustment, though.
12. May 2021
Fasting has proven to be a master intervention for me, encouraging me to develop in several areas concurrently. Seeking experiences that allow us to develop on multiple fronts, to become better leaders of life, and better human beings is critical. What we learn in one domain of life can be applied in others. Lessons from a religious or spiritual experience can help us in our personal and professional lives because all facets of our personalities and all domains of our lives are connected.
12. May 2021
Ramadan Reflections: Grateful for dates and coming from a position of strength :) Focusing on the things that we are blessed with instead of things that we don't have, puts us in a position of strength, a position worth capitalizing on. What puts you in a position of strength?
12. May 2021
Self-Regulation: A month of building this muscle, fasting in Ramadan. How do you train to be deliberate about your choices?
12. May 2021
1 VALUABLE tip to broaden your perspective and help bond :)
16. February 2021
1 easy thing to increase engagement at work.
21. January 2021
Pathways to a Fulfillment, Engagement, & Resilience: For success with goals 1. Focus on things you can control 2. Tap into external and internal resources for things you cannot control.
13. January 2021
i. Divide your goals into sub-goals ii. Make the pursuit of your goals fun
13. January 2021
Gain clarity on 1. The WHY behind your goal 2. Define WHAT your goals is 3. Identify what INSPIRES you towards the goal 4. Create multiple PATHWAYS towards the goal

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