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26. May 2020
What new good habits have you picked up and which old ones have you given up? Our change in circumstance is a good motivator to pick up habits that help us.
12. April 2020
Being intentional about who we need to BE while we DO things, allows us to manifest a more resilient version of ourselves. This is important as we take action during the quarantine.
05. April 2020
Answers to these three fundamental questions can help us generate hope and optimism to cope better during challenging times. In addition to being careful about managing real threats and risks.
02. March 2020
We choose to exhibit different versions of ourselves during various interactions at work e.g. with our boss, peers, or teams. Intentionally showing respect is a great way to build loyalty and trust regardless of who we interact with.
11. February 2020
It is essential to have clear boundaries between what is work and what activities are important to us outside of work, otherwise, we risk remaining constantly tethered to work emotionally and mentally, this could lead to burnout and many other issues.