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14. June 2021
Happy Monday! What intention have you set for the rest of the week? Control your day and your life through intentions for everything that you do.
12. May 2021
I did it in 17 mins... Would you rather spend an extra 17 mins in front of a different screen or use it to re-energize yourself and de-stress?
12. May 2021
I was down a bit these past few weeks, here's what I did...
12. May 2021
How do you keep tabs on your mental health?
17. September 2020
What's the first thing you compromise when life gets busy and why?
02. July 2020
Facilitate autonomy at work to increase engagement. Autonomy is a fundamental psychological need, without it we languish, with it, we thrive.
08. June 2020
Meeting our goals involves overcoming hurdles and obstacles. What hurdles have you had to overcome to continue a path to meeting your goals?
26. May 2020
What new good habits have you picked up and which old ones have you given up? Our change in circumstance is a good motivator to pick up habits that help us.
18. May 2020
Gratitude is like a gift, expressing it helps us increase our well-being in multiple ways.
30. April 2020
Why do we behave the way that we do during a crisis and how can we lean on the science of well-being to help us?

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