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12. May 2021
I was down a bit these past few weeks, here's what I did...
12. May 2021
How do you keep tabs on your mental health?
24. December 2020
Goals link our present to our future. Engage in the moment by having goals (big or small). Join my group for working professionals:
26. May 2020
What new good habits have you picked up and which old ones have you given up? Our change in circumstance is a good motivator to pick up habits that help us.
18. May 2020
Gratitude is like a gift, expressing it helps us increase our well-being in multiple ways.
30. April 2020
Why do we behave the way that we do during a crisis and how can we lean on the science of well-being to help us?
02. April 2020
Positive Emotions undo the impact of negative emotions. Use recovery breaks to create positive emotions.
11. January 2020
Recovery is crucial for thriving at work and beyond. Learn one way to cultivate recovery in your life to help prevent burnout and to promote your mental health.