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13. January 2021
Gain clarity on 1. The WHY behind your goal 2. Define WHAT your goals is 3. Identify what INSPIRES you towards the goal 4. Create multiple PATHWAYS towards the goal
09. July 2020
Switching back and forth between chat and other work consistently can lead to more work and a lack of efficiency in the long run. How we communicate is important to build trust and show that we value the work of our employees.
02. July 2020
Facilitate autonomy at work to increase engagement. Autonomy is a fundamental psychological need, without it we languish, with it, we thrive.
30. April 2020
Why do we behave the way that we do during a crisis and how can we lean on the science of well-being to help us?
22. November 2017
People are at the center of organizations. Employers should create environments to support employees so they can do extraordinary work.
25. October 2017
Flow is when we are in 'the zone'. This state can be reached when we challenge our skills at work.