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20. May 2021
A coach is someone who walks with you during your journey to achieve the goals you set for yourself. Coaches help point out your strengths, they help boost you up, and hold no judgement. A coach is an ally, a confidante, a trustworthy person. Coaching helps the 'whole' individual grow. Coaching is one of the few ways we learn to focus on what is right and not just what needs improvement...
21. May 2018
Resilience, the ability to bounce back in the face of adversity and stress, can be cultivated.
05. February 2018
Focus on your strengths to increase your well-being in life. You will be more energized and work will become more effortless for you.
03. January 2018
The likelihood of us achieving our goals increases by increasing the pathways to our goals. We should also anticipate and be prepared for failure so that we can pivot towards success using an alternate pathway.
27. May 2016
On May 21st and 22nd I attended the 1Life Fully Lived East Coast conference. I tremendously enjoyed being a part of this event both as a presenter (or 1Life Master, as Tim Rhode, founder of 1Life Fully Lived likes to call them) and participant. 1Life Fully Lived is an organization that gathers experts from all walks of life who give back by helping people develop the skills needed to dream, plan and live their lives fully. It was quite the experience and right in line with a field I am...