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24. December 2020
I am grateful to all of you who support my posts and encourage my mission to help working professionals invite happiness, fulfillment, and resilience to our lives :)
15. October 2020
Multi-tasking for things that are important is a BAD IDEA. Avoid multi-tasking and get more time in your day.
30. September 2020
Saved commute time and working from home can allow us to be more productive by directing our extra time and energy to areas outside of just work. JOIN MY GROUP:
08. September 2020
How you answer this question is at the heart of our well-being. Discover what really is going well in your life.
02. April 2020
Positive Emotions undo the impact of negative emotions. Use recovery breaks to create positive emotions.
30. March 2020
How can you increase your well-being while working from home more effectively at the same time? Here are 7 unique and easy tips, including from the science of well-being, that you might not have heard of before.