The 1ExtraordinaryLife Transformational Coaching program is an instructional program that provides individuals life-long tools to be more engaged with life, to cope with its demands and to flourish. Adopting Positive Psychology, Performance Psychology and Co-Active Coaching is a powerful way to grab life by the horns and run with it on your own terms. 


The program is offered in three formats:

  • 12 weekly, hour-long sessions, one-on-one
  • Two-day intensive live format, one-on-one
  • Facilitated workshops for 5 or more people


At the end of the program you walk away with:

  • A measurable and implementable action plan to help with at least one key area of your life.
  • A set of tools that will help you experience:
    • more positive emotions
    • become more engaged with life and work
    • better relationships all around you
    • meaning in life, and
    • ways to achieve your goals
  • Awareness of and the ability to apply your strengths in multiple domains of life
  • Tools that will help you become more resilient in times of stress

More importantly, you will have the tools to transform your life and fulfill your dreams.