For businesses to thrive in the modern world a new focus is needed. Traditional approaches focus on areas that are unprofitable, inefficient, ineffective, unethical, or non-compliant. Focusing on areas of deficit to render improvements for business can only improve the business to make it profitable, efficient, effective, ethical and compliant. To truly thrive in business and rise above competition a new paradigm needs to be introduced. One where organizations are not just profitable, but abundant; where they are not just efficient, effective, and coping, but they are excellent, extraordinary and resilient. Such performance and outcomes are realized when organizations are able to not just improve what is wrong, but also fully capitalize on what is right.

Consulting using Positive Organization Scholarship (POS), the application of positive psychology to organizations allows for organizations to thrive in a manner that unlocks what is right. Some areas that successful organizations consider include:

  • Positive Leadership - Leaders seen as enablers of positive change as opposed to just drivers of performance
  • Positive Meaning - Aligning the organization to its employees
  • Positive Connections - Revitalizing the social energy in the organization for the benefit of all
  • Positive Emotions - Generating an environment of optimism and hope as opposed to one that constantly focuses on what is wrong.