• Procrastinating on things you really want to get done?
  • Feel overwhelmed by everything on your plate?
  • No one acknowledges you for all your hard work?
  • A sense that something’s missing, whether it’s time for your family, the right career, or fulfillment?
  • Difficulty achieving your goals because your energy is scattered and you’re disorganized?
  • Feeling that if you just applied all that you know about how to have a great life, you’d be wildly successful?
  • Aren’t sure which direction or goals to make a priority in life?


  • You have a life where all the parts are balanced.
  • You actually achieve your goals and move toward your dreams and wishes for the future.
  • You develop a growing sense of fulfillment as you take charge of your life and utilize time productively.
  • You're not stuck, scattered and disorganized but focused, full of energy and satisfaction.
  • You apply what you know and make choices you feel confident about.
  • You know where you’re going and how to get there.



Moves you from procrastination to action, scattered to focused, overwhelmed to under control, dissatisfied to fulfilled, disengaged to engaged and discontentment to well-being.  I employ coaching and Positive Psychology to cause you to think creatively, to expand your options, to examine thoughts and actions objectively, to develop consistency among your values, dreams, plans, goals, strengths and actions. 


If it were easy to get focused, move forward, and be fulfilled in your life, you would have done it already.  Reading 50 self-help books won’t change your life; YOU change your life by getting into action.  1ExtraordinaryLife provides the support and know-how through a blend of Performance coaching, Co-Active coaching, Resilience training and Positive Psychology to get you into action. As a result, you will have the knowledge necessary to create balance, focus, and fulfillment in all areas of your life. 


If you are ready to live your dream, contact me and I will get back to you within 48 hours. I offer many ways to help make your life Extraordinary, including the below. Click on the links to learn more: